5 Reasons to Choose a Digital Multimeter Over Analogue

Multimeters can measure current, voltage and resistance, so they're very useful for electricians or anyone who is into DIY. There are a few different types, but the main choice you're going to have to make when picking out a multimeter is whether to go for manual or digital. Where a manual multimeter provides readings through a needle and scale, a digital multimeter displays numbers on a screen. Manual multimeters are generally less expensive, but it's still well worth picking up a digital model.

3 Millennial-Friendly Features to Look for in a Restaurant POS System

Are you struggling to attract Millennial diners to your restaurant? Like many managers, you may have tried to fix the problem with a more inventive menu or modern décor, but have you considered that your POS system could be the problem? Money is an important part of many Millennial lives, so it should come as no surprise that they're often looking for different restaurant ordering and payment methods than the ones you're used to.

3 Reasons Your Scrap Metal Business Needs Calibration Services for Used Scales

 If you have recently purchased used scales for your scrap metal business, then you may have assumed they were accurate. This assumption could be costing you money on every transaction you handle. You may be inclined to handle the calibration services yourself, but this could put you off of even more income and could result in a costly scale repair. Before you try to handle it on your own, consider the reasons your scrap metal business needs calibration services for your used scales.