3 Millennial-Friendly Features to Look for in a Restaurant POS System

Are you struggling to attract Millennial diners to your restaurant? Like many managers, you may have tried to fix the problem with a more inventive menu or modern décor, but have you considered that your POS system could be the problem? Money is an important part of many Millennial lives, so it should come as no surprise that they're often looking for different restaurant ordering and payment methods than the ones you're used to. Here are 3 Millennial-friendly POS system features that will attract more young people to your establishment.

Table Ordering

You may have noticed that Millennials seem to always be on the go. When they're not working, they're putting hours into a side gig or rushing from one social commitment to another. With such fast-paced lifestyles, many of today's young people don't have time for slow restaurant service. Even if your staff run a tight ship, many Millennial diners hate waiting for their servers to come back and forth to the table. On top of that, diners from the younger generation are often more selective about their food intake, trying to avoid things like dairy or gluten.

You can address both of these issues with a POS system that includes table ordering. These ordering systems allow patrons to use a device at their table to choose their meals, eliminating waiting time. Table ordering systems also make it easy for diners to make special ingredient requests to accommodate allergies and dietary choices. Not only will these features please your Millennial customers, they'll save your waiters time and encourage diners to order (and spend) more.

Bill Splitting

Given the economic downfall of the past few decades, it's not surprising that many Millennials are more careful with their money than previous generations. One implication of this is that diners are less likely to pick up the bill for their entire table of friends. Instead, they'll want to pay for their own meals individually. While bill splitting can be done manually, it can be very time consuming and it's easy for servers to make a mistake when charging. Instead, you should look for a POS system that has a comprehensive bill-splitting features. The best systems will automatically allocate each menu item on the bill to the person who ordered it, then easily allow every patron to pay using the method they prefer.

Mobile Payment

Cash and credit card are undoubtedly still popular payment options in restaurants, even with Millennials, but that doesn't mean that many diners from the younger generation aren't using newer mobile payment services. From well-known digital options like Apple Pay and Google Pay to lesser known apps you've probably never heard of, there are numerous mobile payment options available now. Having POS systems that are capable of taking these payments is a sure-fire way to please more young diners.